Man Attacked After Accidentally Stepping On 12-Foot Crocodile – Makes It Out Alive

photo credit: Reid Mason / Facebook

Imagine going fishing with your family deep in the wilderness and you walk through some shallow water and accidentally step on a 12-foot crocodile!

Stepping On A 12-Foot Crocodile

That’s exactly what happened to 42-year-old Elston Lami Lami from Minjiland, Australia who had to be rescued by a helicopter after he stepped on the crocodile and somehow fought it off.

Elston told ABC News it happened to him on Croker Island, an island off the coast of the Northern Territory of Australia. He said he was standing on the crocodile for 15 seconds before his cousin brought it to his attention of what was under his foot.

“When he come up, he flipped me and I looked at his eye, he had that crocodile tears on it. Like… you’re mine. You’re my lunch,” Elston told Nine News from a bed at the Royal Darwin Hospital.

Elston’s Story Of What Happened To Him

The crocodile was massive and it began to attack Elston while he was down and his brother, cousin and two dogs couldn’t do anything but helplessly watch. He says his brother and cousin screamed and the dogs barked at the croc which distracted it enough to get away, however, not without a brutal fight.

“I hit him three times in the nose, he let me go. Come back again, try and attack me. When he snapped at me, I grabbed him, held him at the jaw with two hands and I was getting weak so I thought the only way to get his attention, I had to hit him again.” ABC Darwin reported him saying.

After he hit it a few more times the croc backed up and he managed to get back up to his feet and run away with two bites to his leg. Elston had to walk 30 minutes back to his car on a bleeding and wounded leg. He said even though he was going through so much pain he didn’t want to show it to his younger family members. He made it back to the car and bandaged himself up, took a painkiller and called the emergency rescue.

Making It To The Hospital & Living To Tell The Tale

Minjilang Community Health Centre sent a rescue vehicle to go pick him up at 1:30pm and not long after that CareFlight, an emergency helicopter medical rescue team flew over at 3pm to provide additional medical treatment.

CareFlight flew him to the Royal Darwin Hospital where he landed at 5pm and spent a few days recovering in the hospital. Elston felt very grateful that he made it out alive.

The story is crazy and makes you wonder what you’d do if this happened to you. To prepare yourself, learn what to do if you ever get attacked by an alligator or crocodile by watching the video below.