Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si Speaks To Fans After Beating COVID-19

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Back in the fall of 2020, COVID-19 swept through the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame. Willie and Korie Robertson, their daughters Sadie and Bella, and Sadie’s husband Christian all came down with the virus.

It was especially hard on Sadie, who is currently expecting her and Christian’s first child. Sadie told Yahoo Entertainment she had it “really, really bad.”

On top of having COVID, Sadie was experiencing intense morning sickness. Because of this, she was hospitalized twice to receive fluids and medicine.

Sadie and the rest of her family members who got sick are now feeling much better. But more recently, another Robertson family member came down with the virus.

Willie’s Uncle Si (who is Phil Robertson’s brother), is the newest Robertson family member to be diagnosed with COVID-19. This was quite concerning, since Si is 72 years old.

Each week, Si hosts a podcast called Duck Call Room with Duck Commander team members Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan. On the February 4 episode of the podcast, the other Duck guys said Si came down with COVID-19, and had to be hospitalized:

Si went to the hospital (under protest, of course),” reads the description of the podcast on YouTube. “We knew something had to be wrong when he was quiet and wouldn’t laugh or smile. He was diagnosed with COVID-19, drove everyone at the hospital nuts, came home, and took a turn for the worse.”

Thankfully, Si recovered. He addressed his fans in a video message on social media, letting them all know he beat COVID.

I’ll just give you a heads up,” an enthusiastic Si says in the video. “I kicked COVID-19 in the rear end.”


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Si detailed his experience with COVID-19 in the latest episode of the Duck Call Room podcast. 

Trust me when I tell you, it’s real, it’s deadly, and hey, you don’t want no part in it,” Si said. He went on to detail how the virus left him feeling absolutely exhausted, saying, “...every ounce of energy I had, played bird and flew away. It played bird and it was gone immediately.

You can catch the full podcast below if you’d like to hear everything Si had to say.

We’re happy to hear that Si is feeling better now. We’ll be praying for his continued recovery and good health.