Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Dressed As Bob Ross For Halloween

Korie Robertson / Instagram

The Duck Dynasty family knows how to do Halloween right!

Willie and Korie Robertson joined some of their kids for a family Halloween party this year. Everyone wore a costume, but Willie and Korie arguably had the best looks of the night.

The two wore a coordinating couples costume, and both dressed as famous artists. Korie dressed as Frida Kahlo, while Willie opted to dress up as Bob Ross!

Willie’s Bob Ross costume was pretty spot-on, especially since he already has a beard (which Bob Ross was known for). All he needed to complete the look was a wig, a blue shirt, a paint brush, and palette!

Korie shared a slideshow on Instagram to show off her and Willie’s costumes. She also showcased her kids’ attire.

Sadie and her husband Christian dressed as Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey. As for Bella and her boyfriend, Jacob, they dressed as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.

Rounding out the crew was Rebecca and her husband John Reed, who dressed as the characters Sigrid and Lars from the movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. And their son, one-year-old Zane, looked adorable dressed as Pinocchio!

As you can see from scrolling through Korie’s slideshow, Willie got into character as Bob Ross. He was always smiling and even pretended to paint the photo op spot!

Scroll through Korie’s slideshow below to see Willie’s costume and everyone else’s as well.

It looks like the Duck Dynasty family had a fun Halloween this year!