Eddie & Troy Cling To Tradition In Resilient “Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm”


Fighting back against the rising tide of cement jungles and massive urban sprawl has been a constant thing ever since cities began expanding into large suburbs and overtaking land that once belonged to farming families and helped produce much-needed agriculture.

In Montgomery Gentry‘s iconic hit, “Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm”, the unmistakable voices of Eddie and Troy cascade through lyrics designed to provoke thought – and they tell the story of a man who refuses to give in to the relentlessly-hungry city expansion.

“His cows get loose and run right through the fast food parking lots
And Daddy gets calls from the mini-malls
When they’re downwind from his hogs
When his tractor backs up traffic, the reception ain’t too warm
The city’s growing around him, but Daddy won’t sell the farm”

Penned by Steve Fox and Robin Brenda, two longtime country songwriters, Montgomery Gentry’s third single from their debut album quickly became one of their most-recognizable songs – and solidified them as artists who celebrate the roots of rural America.

The song strikes a note with Eddie and Troy’s audience, on a deep level that brings them in closer and allows both artist and audience to connect. We’ve all seen cities grow and expand around us. Maybe we move away and when we return, the old farm at the edge of the city has now been swallowed up by a shopping complex.

This song is a story of a man who refuses to submit. Instead, he took pride in the land he’d worked for decades.

Watch the full music video for Montgomery Gentry’s 1999 hit below.

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