EF4 Tornado Hits Georgia Home In Video That “Will Give You Chills”

Cray Sr. / YouTube

A chilling video surfaced of an EF4 tornado in Newnan, Georgia tearing through the yard of an unlucky resident. A security camera mounted on the home was surveilling the property and captured everything.

Chief meteorologist Gleen Burns for Channel 2 Action News’ Severe Weather Team said, “This video will give you chills. Morgan Shaner sent this to me. Was his friends house.” 

The camera was angled and facing in the southern direction on the south side of the tornado’s path and capturing the inflow of the wind. The camera was also about 1,200ft away from the center of the tornado when it stormed through.

In the video, you can hear a steady low-frequency roar as the tornado approaches the home, which may have been the “train sound” that tornados are known to sound like.

Cray Sr. / YouTube

It’s dark outside and the tornado was shrouded in a fog of rain, but in the video, you can see debris flying over the house and into the yard. Cray Sr. who posted the video on YouTube said there was a lot of interest about the camera that filmed it and he answered a few of the questions in the comments.

“The camera was not damaged. It’s a Unifi G3.” Cray Sr. wrote on YouTube. “It’s mounted up under the edge of the roof. I’m assuming the roof edge is what shielded it. It did get a little dirty but wasn’t hit with anything.” 

Other than a flying tree grazing the gutter and causing some minor damages, the house and the camera were not damaged during the storm. The video is about 11 minutes long but the action starts about seven minutes into the video. You can click below to watch it!

Actual Footage of EF4 Tornado Below