Faith Hill Defends Sam Elliott Amid “Power Of The Dog” Comments

Deadline Hollywood / Twitter

Several weeks ago, Sam Elliott made headlines after he appeared on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. He was asked about the film The Power of the Dog, calling it a “piece of s—t.”

The legendary actor also took issue with the director, Jane Campion, who is from New Zealand and filmed the movie in her home country.

“What the f–k does this woman from down there know about the American West?” he said. “And why in the f–k did she shoot this movie in New Zealand and call it Montana? And say this is the way it was? That f–king rubbed me the wrong way, pal.”

He continued making comments, that have now been seen as homophobic, saying, “More like Chippendales dancers than cowboys. They’re running around in chaps and no shirts. There’s all these allusions of homosexuality throughout the f–king movie. I mean, Cumberbatch never got out of his f–king chaps.”

Since then, Elliott has faced a serious amount of backlash, with Jane Campion, even responding to his remarks.

In the weeks since the controversy, Elliott has had time to reflect and it seems he’s had a change of heart. During a press event with his 1883 co-stars, Elliott issued an apology about his earlier remarks.

“That movie struck a chord with me and in trying to tell the guy — the WTF guy — about the film I wasn’t very articulate about it,” she said. “And I said some things that hurt people and I feel terrible about that. The gay community has been incredible to me my entire career, and I mean my entire career, from before I got started in this town. Friends on every level in every job description.”

He implied that his longtime agent and good friend is gay and said, “I’m sorry that I hurt any of of those friends and someone that I loved and anyone else by the words that I used.”

Elliott specifically apologized to Campion, who he called a “brilliant director” in the podcast, and the cast saying, “I can only say that I’m sorry. And I am.”

Faith Hill jumped in, defending his “amazing character.”

She said, “Sam, on set, anytime if he’s said something to anyone that may have been taken offensively … he would always — didn’t matter who it was — go over and himself and sit down and apologize. For whatever, stepped on a toe, knocked off a hat, or whatever.”

Sam received a round of applause. Watch the video below.