Fishermen Hooks Surfer & Drags Him By His Wrists As He Screams

@stab / Instagram

WARNING: Language May Be Too Strong For Some Viewers

Video footage going viral on Instagram right now shows the moment a surfer got hooked by a fisherman while he was surfing close to the North Side of the Huntington Beach pier in Huntington Beach, California.

What makes matters even worse, is the fisherman was completely oblivious to the fact that he caught a human on his line and not a fish and was reeling in like he was trying to win a fishing tournament.

@stab / Instagram

The video footage showed surfer Will Doreen in the water holding up his wrists which had the hook in it and screaming to the top of his lungs as he was getting reeled in by the fisherman.

“Tell him to let the string out, let the string out! [explicit] idiot! Get your [explicit] line out of here. [Explicit] moron!” Will screamed at the fisherman.

The fisherman had no idea he was hooked to Will and continued to reel in even harder. Eventually, Will took matters into his own hand and used his teeth to bite the line, risking getting the hook caught in his lip and having things really go bad.

@stab / Instagram

Will told Stab Magazine, “I could not get out the hook with my finger because there is so much tension. I had to use my teeth to rip out the hook from my wrist. In doing so I was hoping that the hook would not catch my lip and make the situation worse. My wrist is OK and I was able to stay out. All I have is a small puncture wound, but the pain was incredibly intense at the time.”

The video was posted to Stab Magazine’s Instagram page where some people were asking why the surfer was swimming so close to a pier full of fishermen, while others were asking why the fisherman was never aware of the screaming man in the water.

The post has received 800+ comments about the situation and over 26 thousand likes. Watch the footage and the incident in the video below.