Fishing Tournament Cheater Faces Additional Charge In Counterfeit Probe

Hermitage Police Department

The old saying, “like father, like son” has taken on a literal meaning in the case of Chase Cominsky and his 18-year-old son, Kayden.

The Hermitage man, who is already facing trial for cheating in a fishing tournament and for stalking and harassing his estranged wife, now faces another charge of conspiracy for allegedly giving his son two counterfeit $100 bills to spend at a bowling alley.

The incident came to light after Ten Pin Alley on East State Street reported that someone had paid for several games with two counterfeit bills.

The police were called in to investigate, and after reviewing surveillance footage and conducting interviews, they discovered that Kayden had given one of his friends the fake bill to pay for bowling.

The police then alleged that Kayden had told his friend that he knew the bill was fake and that his father had given it to him.

Further evidence in the form of text messages allegedly between father and son shows that the father was aware of the scheme and even planned to bring a second counterfeit $100 bill to the bowling alley that night.

The charges against the Cominskys are serious, and the consequences could be severe since Cominsky was giving a total of $100 in change back after buying the lanes.

Kayden faces forgery, counterfeiting, conspiracy, and theft by deception charges, while his father faces a conspiracy charge. Cominsky’s bail was set at $5,500 and his father’s was set at $12,000.

In addition, Chase Cominsky is already facing a trial for cheating in the big fishing tournament in Cleveland where he used lead weights to win, and for stalking and harassing his estranged wife.

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