‘Forever Country’ Music Video Might Be The Most Epic Mash Up Ever


With the 50th Annual CMA Awards set to take place later this year, CMA found it only fitting to, in light of 50 years in the industry, recruit the biggest country stars the world has known and create an incredible mashup! Thirty groundbreaking, immensely talented stars came together to create the thrilling song called “Forever Country”. The mashup is a blend of the songs “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by the late John Denver , “On The Road Again” by music icon Willie Nelson, and “I Will Always Love You”, originally written by the legendary Dolly Parton.

As if the smooth, angelic sound of these voices coinciding within another isn’t enough to give you relentless chills, the recognition of classic voices belonging to legendary artists who have since taken a break from music is sure to do it!

With big name artists such a Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Alabama, Charley Pride, and George Strait gracing this sensational medley, it is impossible to refrain from hearing the nostalgic compilation. However, for those of you country folk who prefer modern artists, this recording has no shortage of them!

As the humble tune carries through each artist’s moment to be heard, the various voices harmonizing to create the breathtaking song is surreal!

The song’s four minutes duration of pure brilliance, however, it completed with the best ending that could have possibly been. Singing the last line of “I Will Always Love You” is the one-and-only Mrs. Dolly Parton. Not only does this legendary woman finish her own song amongst twenty-nine other artists, but she is given the opportunity to leave the musical legacy with her, perhaps the most honored woman in country music history. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you close a show.

Bravo, CMA.

Can you recognize the different artists by their voices? Give it a try and let us know how you enjoyed the newest edition to the greatest country songs ever performed. Also, be sure to check out the sneak peek as what is expected to be the most powerful music video to date! 

Take a listen to the song below.