Friends Claim “1923” Actor’s Hair Was Cut Without His Consent Before He Went Missing

Paramount+ via Outsider / YouTube, Anaya Holder / Facebook

On April 5, 27-year-old actor Cole Brings Plenty was found dead after a nearly week-long search.

He was found in a rural wooded area in Kansas, according to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. In a statement made on April 5, the department revealed that deputies were dispatched in regards to an unoccupied vehicle, and found Cole’s body “in a wooded area away from the vehicle.”

Courtesy of Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

Cole was reported missing and was last seen on Easter Sunday (March 31).

The night of April 1st, Cole’s father, Joseph Brings Plenty Sr., issued a plea on his Facebook page, urging people to help look for his son, or if they knew about his whereabouts.

Missing poster for Cole Brings Plenty
Joseph Brings Plenty Sr. / Facebook

Cole’s uncle, Yellowstone actor Mo Brings Plenty, also issued a plea on social media. As did several of his co-stars, including Cole Hauser.


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On April 2, KSNT reported that police were looking for Cole in relation to a “possible domestic violence incident.”

The report continued, “The agency has sent an affidavit to the district attorney for his arrest,” and added, “Police were called to an apartment on reports of a woman screaming for help. Upon arrival, police began investigating the claims, identifying Brings Plenty as a possible suspect. Traffic cameras showed Plenty leaving the city immediately following this incident south on 59 Highway.”

According to friends, Cole attended a concert the night of March 30.

Posts from Cole’s friend Anaya Holder reveal that he attended a Beneather concert, where he was moshing, which means he was “engaging in uninhibited often frenzied activities (such as intentional collision) with others near the stage at a rock concert.”

According to some posts on Facebook, this is a normal activity for Cole.

Cole Brings Plenty dancing at a concert
Cole Brings Plenty / Facebook

At the March 30th show, Cole’s hair became stuck in some wires, according to Anaya. A fellow concert goer began helping him untangle his hair when another person came out of nowhere and cut his hair free from the wires. 

Cutting someone’s hair in the indigenous culture is extremely disrespectful and considered assault.

Cole Brings Plenty's friend Anaya recalls the hair cutting incident.
Anaya Holder / Facebook

According to a screenshot from Anaya, the band also made a statement, calling what happened to Cole at their concert a “serious violation.”

Cole portrayed Pete Plenty Clouds in the Yellowstone spinoff 1923. His character helped Tionna Rainwater, and is rumored to be an ancestor of Mo in Yellowstone, who is played by his real-life uncle Mo Brings Plenty.

Mo Brings Plenty with his nephew Cole Brings Plenty.
Mo Brings Plenty with his nephew Cole Brings Plenty. Native American Indian Spirit / Instagram