“1923” Star & Nephew Of “Yellowstone” Actor Goes Missing

Cole Brings Plenty in character as Pete Plenty Clouds in 1923

Paramount+ via Outsider / YouTube

Cole Brings Plenty, 1923 Star & Nephew Of Yellowstone Actor Mo Brings Plenty, Is Missing, Last Seen On Easter

Yellowstone star Mo Brings Plenty’s nephew, Cole Brings Plenty, is missing.

Mo is known for playing his namesake character on Yellowstone. He became a series regular during Season 5.

Cole followed in his uncle’s footsteps and appeared in two episodes of the Yellowstone prequel series, 1923. He played a character named Pete Plenty Clouds, who helped Teonna Rainwater escape from boarding school.

It’s heavily implied that Pete and his father, Hank, are the ancestors of Yellowstone‘s Mo.

Cole Brings Plenty appears in "1923" as Pete Plenty Clouds
Cole Brings Plenty in character as Pete Plenty Clouds in “1923.” Photo Credit: Outsider / YouTube

Cole Brings Plenty’s Sister & Dad Hope For His Safe Return

Unfortunately, 1923 star Cole Brings Plenty is missing. His family members say he was last seen early on Easter Sunday (March 31).

Cole’s dad, Joseph Brings Plenty Sr., shared a post on Facebook telling people to be on the lookout for his son. According to Joseph, Cole hasn’t messaged or called him back since he was last seen on Easter.

He drives a white Ford Explorer, last seen leaving out of Lawrence Kansas South on 59,” Joseph said. “Love you son, just reach out to me, messaging you on your phone.”

Cole’s sister, Belle, also begged fans to watch out for him. She said a missing persons report has been filed, and friends and family are checking the immediate area.

Belle encouraged everyone to “Please share and contact us immediately or the authorities” if they have any idea what happened to Cole or where he may be.

Cole Hauser Shows Support & Asks Fans To Look Out For Mo Brings Plenty’s Nephew

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone, also told his followers to be on the lookout for Cole Brings Plenty.

In his haste to share the news, he originally called Cole the son of Mo, rather than his nephew. He also shared the incorrect tag for Cole’s sister, Belle. It is actually @bellebringsplenty.

Still, the actor wanted his 1.8 million Instagram followers to know about the last time anyone saw Cole.

He was last seen on Easter evening in Kansas City,” he said. “If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact the below or your local police.”


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The social pages for Yellowstone and 1923 also shared Cole’s missing person poster.

UPDATE: Police Are Searching For Cole Brings Plenty As Potential Suspect In Possible Domestic Violence Incident

After news broke about Cole Brings Plenty, The Lawrence Police Department addressed his case. According to KSNT out of Topeka, police say they are looking for Cole in connection to “a possible domestic violence incident.”

“The Lawrence Police Department says it is looking for Cole Brings Plenty following an incident on Sunday, March 31 at a local apartment. The agency has sent an affidavit to the district attorney for his arrest.”

KSNT states police responded at an apartment after receiving reports of a woman screaming for help. They identified Cole as a potential suspect in the incident. Traffic cameras filmed his vehicle leaving the city afterward, heading south on 59 Highway.

The vehicle is a 2005 Ford Explorer with the license plate “368PXB,” as seen in the photo below.

Cole Brings Plenty's vehicle
Lawrence Police Department via KSNT

Police have been in communication with Cole’s family.

Those who have seen Cole Brings Plenty’s vehicle or know his whereabouts are encouraged to call 911 or make an anonymous tip by calling 785-843-8477.