Garth Brooks’ Daughter Confesses The Truth Of Living In His Shadow

YouTube/Belmont Vision

Trying to break out as a musician is hard enough…and even harder when your parents are famous for their own music.

Allie’s Life Growing Up

A songwriting major at Belmont University in Nashville, Garth Brooks‘ youngest daughter, Allie Brooks, has been working for most of her life on making music and developing her own sound – but in an interview earlier this year, she reveals how hard it is to do that when your parents are famous singer/songwriters.

When I was little was [when] all my insecurities came from having all of my talent being shadowed by someone in my family,” The young musician reveals. “So, for me, over time it’s been cool for [people’s outlook] to change from ‘Oh! Well your dad’s in the industry, you’re definitely going to make it’  to ‘You’ve definitely got your own talent. I can tell that you’re growing and you’re going to be fine on your own.'”

Allie also says that she regularly runs into people on social media who confess that they’ve met her when she was just a kid, and they are enjoying how much she’s grown into a talented musician with all her new works.

Although it was difficult to try and break free from her father’s iconic reputation in the same industry, she admits that a lot of the pressure isn’t coming from anything related to her dad.

What I’m starting to realize is a lot of the pressures are coming from me,” Allie confessed, adding that beyond those internal pressures, there were some she didn’t even know had come up. “I don’t think that I’m a lot of the things that people expect, so there’s a lot of pressure there that I don’t really realize…because my parents did a really good job making us really normal.”

With that, Allie Brooks is reaching for the stars while attending school in Nashville and is hoping to make her own mark on the world of music, but in her own way. She is an incredibly talented musician who just so happens to have some strong connections to the music industry with step-mom Trisha Yearwood and dad Garth Brooks.

Watch her full interview below!