Garth Brooks Shares Photo Of New Tattoo & Reveals Its Meaning

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Garth Promised His Youngest Daughter He’d Get A Tattoo In Ireland

Years ago, Garth Brooks promised his youngest daughter, Allie, he’d get a tattoo with her in Ireland to celebrate her 18th birthday. Garth was supposed to perform in Ireland that year (2014), but the plans fell through.

Allie has since gone on to get several tattoos…and she never forgot about her dad’s promise to get one himself.


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Brooks finally got the chance to perform in Ireland in 2022. As his show was coming up, Allie reminded him about the promise he made years prior:

[Allie] texted me on the phone,” Garth said during one of his Inside Studio G sessions on Facebook. “She said, ‘Ireland’s coming.’ I said, ‘Yeah?’ She said, ‘Tattoo.’ That’s all she said.


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Garth followed through with his promise. But he didn’t get a tiny tattoo or a delicate script. He went for an elaborate piece that covers a large part of his body.

Garth Brooks’ Large Tattoo Honors The Women In His Life

He explained how the tattoo honors five special women in his life…his wife Trisha Yearwood, his three daughters, and his mom:

It’s front and left chest. It’s front and left back,” he said on Inside Studio G. “And it’s a full sleeve. I have five women in my life, my mom, Miss Yearwood, and my three daughters. It’s all about them – and it’s all about them being on my shoulders, and around my heart and by my side. I love it…I know my three daughters have my back and are by my side ’til I’m in the grave. But something about having them inked on your skin right here, by your side the rest of your life – [is] pretty frickin’ cool. So my mother is on my shoulder, and Miss Yearwood is right here on my heart.


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Garth didn’t flaunt his new ink after he got it. So fans were curious to see what it ended up looking like. He finally shared a photo during an Inside Studio G session on Monday (June 5).

Garth Brooks Goes Into Detail About Parts Of His New Tattoo

The photo Garth shared was taken by a fan, who posted it on Twitter:

Glad to see short sleeves showing off the tattoo,” the fan said, “What’s the meaning behind the ivy mixed with the shamrocks?”

Garth responded to the fan’s question. His mom is represented on his back with an image of an angel, which you can’t see in the picture. Though you can see shamrocks on his arm, which are a nod to Garth’s mother’s Irish heritage.

Mom could find a four-leaf clover faster than anybody on the planet,” Garth said. He explained how his three daughters and his mom all have the number “9” in their birthdays, so all the “9s” that appear in his tattoo are represented by four-leaf clovers.

Check out the video below to see the photo of Garth’s tattoo and hear him explain the meaning behind it. He starts discussing the tattoo around the 18:32 mark in the clip.