Gator Tail-Swipes The Feet Out From Under Park Employee

TheGatorCrusader / YouTube

On October 5th, 2020, YouTube channel The Gator Crusader shared a video of an employee at Gator Golf Adventure Park in Orlando, Florida getting tripped by an alligator’s tail swipe.

TheGatorCrusader / YouTube

Michael Womer, who also goes by the name The Gator Crusader, is an experienced animal wrangler at the reptile park. He has been the longtime trainer to this particular gator and noticed the gator was in a bad mood that day. With that in mind, he backed off and was being very careful moving around the gator.

TheGatorCrusader / YouTube

A young employee, who just started working in the park’s gift shop came in and asked him why he was acting so afraid of the gator. Wanting to prove to Michael that he shouldn’t be afraid, she stepped in closer to pet the gator and that’s when he hit her with a powerful tail swipe.

“She decided to show me how close you can get to the gator and then Chomper introduced his tail to her,” Michael said in the The Gator Crusader video.

She fell to the ground and Michael helped her up and got her out of harm’s way. He said he decided to share the video to show people how powerful a gator’s tail can be and to warn folks about staying safe around them.

Go ahead and watch the video below of the tail swipe.