Glen Campbell’s Family Reveals Which Memory Alzheimer’s Has Spared

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Following a years-long battle with the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s, the family of country music legend Glen Campbell reveals that although he’s in the final stages of the disease, there is a special part of him the disease seems to have spared.

Speaking with People Magazine in an exclusive sit-down interview, Campbell’s wife, Kim, and daughter, Ashley, opened up about his current health condition and how they are able to share in celebrating a big part of his life that they still can see inside of him.

While the disease has changed the way he communicates and processes things differently than he used to, Ashley says music is the one thing that remains “very comforting” for her dad.

“Sometimes he’ll just close his eyes and kind of smile and start singing along, even though we don’t know what he’s singing along to, but he’s got a song in his heart and it’s really beautiful to see that,” Ashley explains to People.

Nowhere was his connection to music more evident than when his entire family worked with him (and Carl Jackson) to record his final album, Adios.

Campbell recorded the album back in 2012, not too long after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and his wife says that, together, they laughed continually throughout the process – mostly because Campbell was able to laugh at himself.

“It’s kind of a recorded version of him and his love for music even after Alzheimer’s,” Ashley added. “It didn’t take his voice or his soul in the music, and so that’s what you hear on his record.”

Watch Kim and Ashley Campbell’s interview with People Magazine below.