Goat Uses Donkey For A Boost To Grab A Snack From Tree

Many of us have grown up on a farm, and all of us have seen just how wild a goat can be, but when you see this incredible video – you’ll surely be blown away!

Standing beneath the shade of a young crabapple tree, a small herd of goats and their tall ‘n trusty companion, a donkey, graze peacefully on the grass beneath.

One goat in particular has a very different idea on what he’ll be having for lunch and simply deems the grass not satisfying. So what does he do?

Well, what none of the other goats thought of: he hops onto the donkey’s back so he can then crane his neck to reach the delicious crabapples dangling above them all!

The donkey just stands there patiently allowing his friend to gather as many pieces of fruit as he wants, until he notices one of them has fallen to the ground in front, then it’s “off my back, buddy”!

Truly an amazing statement of animal friendship and one of the most hilarious videos you’ll see all day!

Watch the full video below!