Grandma Flies Off Stage In Hysterical Bull Ride Gone Wrong

M VanPutten YouTube Channel

On a gorgeous, white sand beach packed with a crowd of lively vacationers, one woman decided to step out of the “grandma normalcy” and find common ground with the youthful folks around her! This young soul saw her opportunity to relive her wild years and took it without a second thought. Agreeing to partake in a bull riding competition, this aged beauty trudged through the incredibly pure sand for what would be one hell of a ride.

Sporting her leopard print bathing suit, she hoists herself on the mechanical beast and prepares for action! The commentator is all laughs when the woman prematurely begins to bounce, long before the bull has even been activated! In time, the beast takes off in extreme twists and jolts! Despite the aggressive motion, the woman holds tights and stays secure onto the saddle until the final, and diabolical, spin sends her flying onto the padded portion of the pen and tumbling with a laugh!

However, the laughs aren’t over yet! As the woman struggles to remove herself from the platform, she falls directly into the sand and completes her landing with an epic twist!

Where was this grandma at our family barbecues? Watch the video below for endless laughs!