Gretchen Wilson Escapes Heartbreak In New Single, “Summertime Town”

Ralph Notaro / Getty Images

America’s favorite ‘Redneck Woman’ is back and taking over country radio this summer with her newest release from her 7th studio album, Ready to Get Rowdy – and y’all are gonna be jamming out to this all year long!

Hot off the heels of her album’s first single, “Rowdy”, Gretchen Wilson is pulling out all the stops for her latest single, “Summertime Town” and it’s just in time to heal those broken hearts found at the end of a fleeting summer romance.

Penned by Wilson and Rob Hatch and Bridgette Tatum, “Summertime Town” is a mid-tempo breakup song that likens those summer flings to that of a vacation town where folks only stay for the warmer months.

“I don’t wanna be your summertime town,
Where the beaches close up when the sun, it goes down,
If you ain’t into stayin’, honey, I ain’t hangin’ ’round …”

Almost all of us know how those summer flings go, and the gut-wrenching heartbreak that happens when they are forced to end because it’s time to go back home, but Wilson’s track isn’t pulling any punches and cuts right to the point, saying, “So picture me smiling if you can, ’cause I’m leaving like footprints we left in the sand.” 

This new album is Wilson’s first in four years, and is definitely a welcome return to country fans everywhere.

Check out her newest single “Summertime Town” in the video below and let us know what you think of it in the comments!