Hank Jr. Ignites The Night With Blazing “White Lightning”

YouTube / BumpkinzFunckRock

One of the most recognizable and favorited country songs of all time, Hank Jr. takes this upbeat and brilliant jam to a whole new level with his own flavor of Southern rock and country charm.

Performing during a CMT television special airing of Austin City Limits, Hank Williams Jr. doesn’t hold anything back as he thunders through his own rendition of a hit originally made famous by the legendary George Jones.

While “White Lightning” was made famous by Jones, it was originally written by J.P. Richardson, a.k.a. The Big Bopper, who was tragically lost in a plane crash on a fateful day known as ‘The Day Music Died’. Although he never recorded it himself, Richardson’s song became an international hit for Jones and a favorite of Hank Jr.’s fans.

Included on his 1979 record, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound, Hank Jr.’s rendition wasn’t ever issued as a single, but quickly became a regular part of shows and performances throughout his career both because of how fun it is to perform, and its deep roots in country music.

During this performance at Austin City Limits, the crowd roars to life with excitement at the first note and they don’t stop until after he’s all done singing!

Check out Hank Jr.’s incredible performance of “White Lightning” in the video below!

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