Gwen Stefani Teases Blake Shelton After She Blocks Him On ‘Voice’ Season 17 Premiere

The Voice / YouTube

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani‘s relationship started because of The Voice. The two served as coaches on the show in the past, though they never became close.

But when Stefani returned to the show almost five years ago, both she and Shelton were going through their respective divorces and bonded over their shared heartache. They started dating, and have been together ever since.

Stefani and Shelton both coached on The Voice one more time after that, during Season 12. Her Vegas residency and other commitments kept her from the show, but when Adam Levine abruptly stepped down prior to Season 17, she took his place. (She later signed on for and WON Season 19 as well).

As you would expect, Shelton and Stefani’s relationship adds a fun dynamic to how the coaches interact. This dynamic came out in full force during one of the blind auditions that aired during the Season 17 premiere.

22-year-old Kyndal Inskeep of Nashville, Tennessee, hit the stage and began singing “Never Been to Spain” by Three Dog Night. It was clear from the start of her performance that both Stefani and Shelton were digging her unique, voice, and intended to turn for her.

Stefani was the first to turn her chair, and Shelton followed after a little while. He thought he would have to fight with his girlfriend over Inskeep, but was stunned to discover that Stefani had blocked him!

The Voice / YouTube

Each Voice coach only gets one “block” during the blind auditions, and they can choose who to use it on. In doing so, the blocked coach is unable to claim the contestant for their team.

Stefani was passionate about Inskeep’s voice, so she used her block to keep Shelton from taking her. But she didn’t anticipate that anyone else would turn!

Before the end of the audition, Kelly Clarkson also turned her chair, leaving Stefani to fight with her to get Inskeep on her team.

But before turning her attention to Clarkson, Stefani teased her boyfriend, saying, “You can start, Blake. Oh you’re blocked!

A defeated Shelton said, “It’s never good when your girlfriend blocks you. This brings it to a whole new level. This is on national television!

Stefani then turned her focus to Clarkson, explaining that she’s busy with her kids and new talk show, which is why Inskeep should join her team instead. Clarkson and John Legend were amused by the whole thing. Shelton encouraged Inskeep to go with his girlfriend.

She put our relationship on the line for you!” Shelton said.

In the end, Inskeep was impressed with Stefani’s passion, and picked her as her coach. You can watch her audition and the chaos that ensued afterward by tuning in to the video below.