Hailstorm At Concert Injures 90, Sends 7 To The Hospital

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An intense hail storm crashed down on Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Coloroado Wednesday night (June 21), interrupting a highly anticipated Louis Tomlinson concert. With golf ball-sized hailstones hurtling from the sky, chaos ensued as attendees scrambled for cover, seeking refuge from the icy assault.

Just moments before the onslaught, a mandatory evacuation order was issued by the Red Rocks staff, undoubtedly saving lives as Mother Nature unleashed her fury. The order came as a surprise, leaving spectators with a mere ten minutes to make their escape before the skies unleashed their icy barrage.

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90 People Suffered Injuries Due To Hailstorm

However, despite the quick response, the hail proved merciless. As many as 90 people suffered injuries, seven of whom required hospitalization. Fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening, but they ranged from painful bruises and cuts to more serious broken bones. It was a testament to the resilience of the concertgoers that they emerged from this tempest with their lives intact.

“7 people transported to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. A total of 80 to 90 people treated on scene. Injuries include cuts and broken bones,” WestMetroFire wrote on Twitter.

Videos captured by brave individuals in the midst of the chaos show a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood disaster film. Desperate fans dashed for shelter, their eyes wide with panic, as hailstones of all sizes bombarded the outdoor venue. Some sought solace wherever they could find it within the amphitheater, while others sprinted towards their cars, only to find shattered windshields and dented exteriors from the relentless assault of the hailstones.

This brutal storm was just one of several that wreaked havoc across the state that fateful evening. Tornadoes tore through the eastern plains, causing destruction and upheaval. While no injuries were reported in these tornadoes, one unfortunate resident lost their home as they sought refuge in their basement.

The madness continued as a health care building under renovation collapsed in Sterling, adding to the mayhem. Multiple tornadoes also touched down outside Akron, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Denver itself experienced its own share of torment, as grape-sized hail pounded the city when a storm cell arrived around 9 p.m. It seems that nowhere was safe from the wrath of the weather.

While Red Rocks Amphitheater vowed to resume concerts promptly, the management is also exploring ways to enhance evacuation procedures, ensuring the safety of their valued patrons in any future emergencies. The show must go on, but not without a plan to protect those who make the pilgrimage to this iconic venue.

As we keep our eyes on the skies, let’s hope for clearer days ahead and concerts that are remembered for the melodies they deliver, rather than the meteorological surprises that threaten to steal the show. Stay prepared, weather watchers, for the stormy symphony continues to play on.

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