Hank Williams Jr. Shows Off Fish He Caught In Minnesota

Hank Williams Jr. / Instagram

Whenever Hank Williams Jr. has time off, he loves to spend time in the great outdoors. Hank Jr. is an avid hunter and fisherman, as many posts on his social media pages show.

Hank Jr. has spent a lot of time out on the water this year.

He took a trip to Mississippi in July, where he spent some time “catching fish in a great, secret Mississippi fishing spot.” Later in the month, Hank Jr. went fishing again, this time for walleye.

Hank Jr. shared a photo of his catch on social media, and captioned it with lyrics from his 1982 hit “A Country Boy Can Surive.”

I can catch walleye from dusk ’til dawn. A Country Boy Can Survive!” the caption read.

More recently, Hank Jr. started his Labor Day weekend a few days early by taking off on a fishing trip in Minnesota. Once again, he reeled in a pretty impressive catch!

“Fishing in Minnesota,” Hank Jr. captioned the photo of him smiling while holding up the fish he caught. “Happy Labor Day weekend!

Hank Jr. love of the outdoors is something he shares in common with his late father, Hank Williams. During a chat with Kix Brooks a few years back, Hank Jr. recalled a conversation he once had with Hee Haw star Minnie Pearl.

During the conversation, Minnie told Hank Jr. he was just like his dad because he loved hunting so much. According to her, Hank Sr. constantly talked about hunting.

He didn’t say anything about the music part,” Hank recalls Minnie telling him. “He had to tell me his next story about his squirrel dog.”

Watch Hank tell the full story in the video below.