Harrison Ford’s Real-Life Residence: An 800-Acre Ranch in Wyoming

ONE Media / YouTube

Harrison Ford, the famous Hollywood actor known for his roles in iconic movies such as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, has been living on an 800-acre ranch in Jackson, Wyoming for over 35 years.

Together with his wife, actress Calista Flockhart, Ford has chosen a life away from the spotlight of Hollywood in favor of the peace and tranquility of the ranch life.

In an interview with Parade in 2020, Ford spoke about the appeal of his life in Wyoming, saying, “I’m old news. I’ve been there for 35 years.”

He explained that the pace of life in Wyoming affords him plenty of time for the simple things he loves, like flying, walking in the woods, doing some work on the property, or riding his road bike or mountain bike.

For Ford, the choice to leave Hollywood and settle down on a ranch in Jackson, Wyoming was a conscious one, based on his desire to spend time with his family and enjoy the freedom that comes with a life away from the entertainment business.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he explained that the movie business is now everywhere and that people are building studios in Montana with a big investment.

“The movie business is everywhere now,'” he said. “It’s in Atlanta. It’s in New Orleans. People are building studios in Montana with a big investment. The question is: How do you want to spend your life? How much freedom do you have against how much freedom do you want? Do you care if you miss roles or not? Do you want to be there for everything? I lived in Los Angeles for a long time before I left. I wanted it for my kids.”

Despite living a quieter life away from Hollywood, Ford has not left the industry altogether.

He is currently starring in the hit Yellowstone prequel, 1923, which is being filmed in Montana. The show is currently streaming on Paramount+, and the second season has been renewed.

In a world where fame and fortune are often equated with success, Harrison Ford’s decision to leave Hollywood and lead a simple life in Wyoming is a reminder that success is not always measured by wealth or celebrity status.

Instead, it can come from doing what makes us happy and spending time with those we love.

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