Healthy Two-Faced Goat Born On Wisconsin Farm

Nueske Farms LLC. / Facebook

An incredibly rare birth happened at the Nueske Farms in Wisconsin on April 5th, 2020 when a goat was born with two eyes, two mouths, two noses, and four legs.

Jocelyn Nueske who takes care of the goats said she noticed his mother having trouble giving birth so she went over to help. She says the farm produces about 700 baby goats per year so helping the mother give birth wasn’t anything new. However, when the head finally popped out and had two faces, it was definitely a shocking moment for her.

This is the first time in the six years she’s been helping deliver goats and nothing like this has ever happened before. The shock soon turned to curiosity and Jocelyn decided to name him Janus, after the two-headed Roman god. Since mutated goats normally have a 50/50 chance of survival, they quickly went into action to make sure he was as healthy as possible.

“We’re just doing the best we can to keep him strong and healthy, and hoping for the best,’ Jocelyn told Daily Star.

Janus was taken to the Wisconsin Valley Veterinary Service where Dr. Chadwick ran medical exams and did an x-ray on him. He listened to his heart and lungs which both sounded healthy, and his legs and body were also in good condition. He appeared to check out as a normal baby goat except for the fact he had two faces.

The outer eyes were able to see perfectly but it was unclear if the inner eyes were functioning properly. He had two fully formed frontal skulls that fused into one skull in the back. After looking at the x-rays, the doctor believed the goat has two brains that connect together at the back of the skull with each brain having its own spinal cord that fuses with the spine.

After posting pictures and videos of Janus on the Nueske Farms Facebook page, the goat started getting a lot of attention from news networks and media outlets. Folks follow the page and eagerly wait for a new picture or video to drop as it’s exciting to watch the little guy grow. Hopefully we’ll be able to watch him for many years to come.