Hear The 16-Year Old That Had Blake Shelton Imagining Himself With A Unicorn And Care Bear

NBC/The Voice/YouTube

Blake Shelton has been a coach on The Voice for 14 seasons, yet somehow he continues to surprise us. Tuesday night’s Blind Audition episode was no exception.

16-year old Jaclyn Lovey took the stage and sang a haunting rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” The entire coaching panel was entranced by her performance, but only Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys turned their chairs and had the task of convincing the California native to join their team.

Kelly Clarkson praised Lovey for her impressive voice saying, “I was not singing like that when I was 16. I’m gonna tell you right now…no one on this show sounds like you.”

Alicia Keys agreed. “I think sometimes in this world we feel like we have to over perform everything, and it’s really special that you just showed everybody that you can be simple and pure. I love listening to you sing,” Keys said.

But, it was Blake Shelton’s comment that had everyone in stitches. “Literally, for the first time in my life I pictured myself ,while you were singing, riding a unicorn. The kind that has wings. I was holding a Care Bear,” said the self-proclaimed calloused country guy. “Your voice is like…what is happening to me? Where am I? You did that to me, Jaclyn.”

Blake continued to praise the teen by saying that what she does is more powerful than any artist in the competition that can “blow the roof off this place.” But, it wasn’t enough to convince Jaclyn Lovey to join his team and she ultimately chose Team Alicia.

Hear Jaclyn Lovey perform “Can’t Help Falling In Love” in the video below.