Hunter Sprays Brother’s Deer Stand With Anti-Deer Repellent – Brother Files Harassment Charge

photo credit: Animal Traps & Supplies / Facebook

Spraying Anti-Deer Repellent On Deer Stand

In Newaygo County, Michigan, a man was accused of hunter harassment after he was spotted on gaming cameras spraying his brother’s hunting stand with “liquid fence,” an anti-deer repellent.

Submitting A Complaint To DNR

The brother submitted a complaint to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) who then investigated the matter and according to the report the incident happened at the beginning of firearm season.

Mike Wells, who works for the DNR, met up with the complainant who gave him twp memory cards showing his brother wearing a backpack that carried yellow sprayer containers holding the anti-deer repellent.

The deer stand is located on the U.S. Forest Service’s property which happened to be right next to some private property that is owned by the brothers. The land was willed to them by their father and the complainant says he’s been very frustrated by his brother’s constant harassment.

Brother Files For Hunter Harassment With The DNR

After seeing the videos, Mike went to the location of the deer stand and found evidence of the anti-deer repellent. He then went to visit the suspect brother as he was hunting on his own land and showed the video to him in which he admitted to spraying the stands.

The suspect brother says he was doing this because his brother was preventing the deer from reaching their land due to hunting on the public land next to theirs. He apologized for his wrongdoing, however, the warrant request was still submitted for hunter harassment.