Hunter Stalked By Mountain Lion, Films Encounter

Steve Shively / YouTube

Steve Shively was walking through the San Juan National Forest near Bayfield in Colorado when he noticed he was getting stalked by a mountain lion.

The hunter said he was scouting for elk that evening and changing memory cards in his trail cameras. He had just finished changing one of the cards and stood up, brushed some leaves off himself, and took a look around, slowly scanning the woods behind him.

“Suddenly, I spotted this motionless mountain lion crouched down behind a rock ready to pounce on me. He had silently stalked to within 20 yards through the dry crunchy fall leaves on the ground,”  Steve wrote on Facebook.

Steve Shively / Facebook

The mountain lion fixed its eyes on Steve and wasn’t flinching as the hunter pulled out his 9mm pistol and loaded a bullet in the chamber. He fumbled with his phone as he began to record and it wasn’t until he started talking to it that the big cat decided to move.

“It freaked me out, especially after watching that video last week of the mountain lion chasing the jogger in Utah!” Steve said.

On October 11th, 2020 another person hiking in the backcountry was also stalked by a mountain lion. If you have not heard about that yet or seen the video you can view the full story here. Otherwise, take a look at the video below that Steve shared on Facebook of the mountain lion.