Jack & Coke Slushie Recipe

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What’s better on a hot summer day than a super-cold drink?

Not much compares to that feeling of refreshment – especially if it’s your favorite fizzy drink and a splash of Jack Daniel’s good ol’ Tennessee Whiskey!

Well, we now have a way to take your favorite “Jack & Coke” cocktail and make it even better for those sweltering hot days when you need something to take the edge off.

Your standard Jack and Coke drink is one part booze, two parts soda with a few ice┬ácubes to keep it frosty. That’s great and all, but there are a couple of ways to improve the recipe – one is picking a flavored variety of Coke to change up the taste.

Coke now offers a whole handful of flavored products that give a spin to their beloved classic cola. You can pick from Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Orange Coke, and Orange-Vanilla Coke.

Each of these could taste amazing with a hefty pour of Jack Daniels in the glass.

But why would you just want to stop with adding a little flavor to your ice-cold summer drink? We wouldn’t! And that’s exactly why we are going to show you how to turn this delicious drink into a frosty, frothy slushie!

YouTube / Tipsy Bartender

First off – forget the idea about mixing all of this with regular ice cubes! We don’t want to water down any part of this, so we are going to be making our own Coke-cubes!

Take a standard open-top ice cube tray and pour whatever flavor of Coke you’d like into the tray (make as many trays as you’d like, each drink will take about 6-8 cubes depending on the cup you’re using.)

Put them in the freezer until they harden – then you’re ready for the blender!

YouTube / Tipsy Bartender

Get the blender ready and go ahead and dump the cubes in there, add as much Jack Daniel’s as you want – and blend away!

One thing to note is that if you add too much Jack Daniel’s in relation to the cubes, you could end up with a more runny drink that you want. We recommend no more than three shots per drink. If it does end up runny, just blend in some extra Coke-cubes!

Check out the full video below from Tipsy Bartender and let us know how yours turn out in the comments!