Jake Owen Shares Videos Of Bald Eagle At His Pond

Jake Owen / Instagram

Country singer Jake Owen was hanging outside on his property over the weekend when he noticed a bald eagle across the pond. The eagle caught a bass and was enjoying its harvest when Owen noticed it.

The “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” singer was curious to see just how large the eagle’s catch was. But much to his dismay, the eagle flew away when he came closer.

Jake was with his daughter, Pearl, at the time, and told her he was going to leave his phone set up outside to see if he could catch the eagle on video. He felt confident the eagle would return to enjoy his meal after he and Pearl left:

“I told Pearl I’d leave my phone on video for the next hr or so while we went to lunch, cause that Eagle didn’t work that hard to not come back for his Sunday lunch,” Owen wrote on Instagram. “‘He’ll be back,’ I said.. knowing that if he did come back I should have some good footage. I propped my iPhone up on a rock about 5 ft from where he dropped the fish.”

Jake and Pearl went out for lunch and came back later to see if the eagle had returned. And just as Jake suspected…it had.

We went to lunch at our favorite Carl’s Perfect Pig in White Bluff, TN.. came back.. and well… so did he. God Bless,” Jake wrote along with an American flag emoji.

Jake posted two videos of the eagle enjoying its Sunday meal. The first video shows the eagle flying around the pond before landing where it left its fish. The second video shows the eagle retrieving his catch from the water while look at its surroundings.

Jake managed to prop his phone up super close to where the eagle was, so he got some stunning footage! Look through the slideshow below to see the videos he filmed.

WARNING: Don’t scroll to the third piece of the slideshow if you’re someone who’s squeamish. It’s an image of the half-eaten bass the eagle left behind.