Jason Aldean & Wife Brittany Announce They Are Adding To Their Family

Jason Aldean Instagram

Ever since Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany Kerr got married in March 2015, they’ve been asked the same question over and over again…“when are you having kids?”

Aldean is already the father to two beautiful girls from his previous marriage, Kendyl and Keeley. During an Facebook Q&A, Aldean said that his two girls “love Britt to death.”

After seeing how well Kerr gets along with Aldean’s daughters, fans have been anxious to know when the couple will start having children on their own. The two finally opened up about it during their Q&A, revealing that they are currently trying to have a baby.

Are we having any babies?” Aldean said, to which Kerr responded with,”Are we?

That’s when Aldean came back with a hilarious answer. We’re working on it…I like working on it,” he said.

Just a few weeks after their tell-all Q&A, Aldean and Kerr took to social media again to make a happy announcement. As they revealed on Sunday (March 5), they are officially expanding their family!

But it’s not quite what you think. It turns out that the addition to their family isn’t a baby, but an adorable puppy!

Before Aldean and Kerr introduced their new pup, they tried to trick their fans into thinking it was a real baby announcement. But they couldn’t keep up the act for long! Aldean leaned over to pick up their new family member, which is a super cute French Bulldog puppy.

Kerr revealed that they have named the sweet pup “Boss,” which seems like a fitting name. With a cute face like that, we have a feeling he’ll be the “boss” of the household in no time at all!


Aldean and Kerr are already pet parents to two other dogs, Bentley and Mia. The two often make appearances on Kerr’s Instagram. In fact, they’re so famous that Miranda Lambert sent them a box of goodies from her pet supply line! Kerr shared a sweet snapshot of the two pups with their box of gifts.


Knowing how much they love pets, we’re sure that Aldean and Kerr must be thrilled to have a new dog in the house. It seems that Boss will be the perfect addition to this family!

Bentley, Mia, and Boss will all be waiting at home for Aldean while he’s out on tour. His schedule really picks up in May, and he has shows scheduled all the way into October. He’s also busy promoting his new single, “Any Ol’ Barstool,” which you can listen to below!