Jason & Brittany Aldean’s Daughter Navy Takes Her 1st Steps

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

Just days before her first birthday (February 4), Jason and Brittany Aldean‘s daughter Navy Rome celebrated another big “first” in her life. She took her first steps!

The accomplishment comes just after the Aldeans’ visit to Disney World. Brittany shared a couple of adorable photos from their family vacation, and thanked Disney “for bringing so much happiness to our babies.”

Navy and her big brother, two-year-old Memphis, were clearly thrilled to be at Disney World. While there, they got the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse.



In the photo Brittany shared of Navy meeting Minnie Mouse, she wrote that she was a “HAPPY GIRL. Later, Navy made Brittany one happy mama when she ended up taking her first steps.

It appears the Aldeans were on their bus when Navy reached her big milestone. The aisle of the bus created the perfect walkway for Navy, who toddled along thanks to Jason’s encouragement and help.

Jason got Navy to stand up on her own and made sure she was steady. Then, he let go, and Navy walked right to him all on her own!

After Navy walked all the way to Jason, Brittany let out a laugh that showed how happy she was about her daughter’s grand achievement. “Baby!” she exclaimed.

Brittany captioned the video of Navy’s first steps with a simple “Ahhhhh!!!!” and a set of footprint emojis. We’d say that perfectly sums up how she feels about Navy finally being able to walk on her own!

You can watch the video of Navy taking her first steps below. She will be running around the house in no time at all!