Reward Offered To Remove Motorcycle Tire From 13-Foot Crocodile’s Neck

Looking to earn some extra cash? A province in Indonesia is offering a reward to anyone gusty enough to remove a tire from the neck of a crocodile.

A 13-foot reptile, thought to be a critically endangered Siamese crocodile, was first spotted with a motorcycle tire around it’s neck in 2016 as it swam in the Palu River of Central Sulawesi. It has since survived an earthquake and a tsunami in 2018, but the tire remained.

Local authorities are concerned that the beast will eventually die if the tire isn’t removed. After attempts from professionals to free the crocodile were unsuccessful, Central Sulawesi’s Natural Resources Conservation Office (BKSDA) decided to launch a contest to help out the gigantic reptile.

“A reward will be given to anyone who can release the hapless reptile,” BKSDA chief Hasmuni Hasmar said, although details of the reward haven’t been revealed.

According to Antara News, conservationist and famous animal whisperer Panji Petualang (Panji, the Adventurer) attempted to take off the tyre from the crocodile’s neck prior to the January 2018 tsunami, but wasn’t successful.

“During the same year, the conservation office also attempted to lure the crocodile using chicken and meat, though it failed to draw the reptile’s interest,” the news outlet wrote. “In the meantime, a crocodile trap, set by the office, also failed to capture the reptile, as it was difficult to be brought under control in the wild.”

So, here’s your chance to save the life of an endangered crocodile and have an incredible story to tell!