Jennifer Nettles Hits The Stage With Lady Gaga For Duet That We Are Drooling Over


Country music duo Sugarland left everyone speechless and craving for more after their remarkable duet with pop icon Lady Gaga, incorporating two vastly different genres for one unbelievable collaboration.

Taking to the 2011 Grammys with their phenomenal presence, the two blonde bombshells walked to the center of this coveted stage and unleashed a riveting performance to Gaga’s hit song “Yoü And I.”

As half of the country duo Kristian Bush strummed away on his guitar, Jennifer Nettles floored the audience with her chilling vocals that perfectly complemented her pop partners.

“Somethin’, somethin’ about this place/ Somethin’, ’bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face/ Somethin’, somethin’ about my cool Nebraska guy/ Yeah something about, baby, you and I,” they beautifully harmonized.

The audience was brimming with excitement, throwing their hands in the air and gushing over the two singers and their incredible talent.

As they incorporated each other’s names into the lyrics, the two vocalists wrapped up one of the most riveting performances the Grammy’s have ever seen.

Watch the unforgettable moment below!