Kane Brown Reunites Military Families In “Homesick” Video

YouTube/Kane Bown

For his powerful video, this popular country music artist showed one of the most bittersweet sides a military family often faces during their time serving the country: a long-awaited homecoming.

Kane Brown has been a vocal supporter of our nation’s military and often expressed his gratitude for servicemen and women. In this truly beautiful music video, he doubled-down on that promise with a vast collection of beautiful reunion videos and a dedication to the men and women of our armed forces.

His video for “Homesick” is one of the first for his record Experiment which debuted in early November 2018.

Submitted videos include never-before-seen heart-wrenching moments and even some that have gained national media attention.

Among the latter is a story about a Notre Dame basketball player who was surprised on-court by his brother’s return and they broke down in tears as he raced across the court to hug him.

As the roll of film clips play at various parts of the video, Brown is filmed in front of a helicopter in a hangar with a group of California Army National Guard members surrounding him and his band watching him sing this heartfelt new song.

YouTube/Kane Brown

Watch Kane Brown’s latest music video that was created as a tribute to our nation’s heroes below and share with us your thoughts and feelings below.