Joanna Gaines Describes Surprising Moment She Learned Of 5th Pregnancy

Joanna Gaines / Instagram

While Chip and Joanna Gaines have a wide variety of business ventures, they are most well-known for their hit HGTV series Fixer Upper. After five years, the couple decided to bring the show to an end, and its final episode aired this spring.

When Chip and Joanna said that they were ending the show, they cited the want to spend more time with their children as the reason. 

At the time, Chip and Joanna were parents to four: Duke, Drake, Ella Rose, and Emmie Kay. But shortly after they announced their plans to end Fixer Upper, they learned they were expecting their fifth child.

Chip broke the news in January, posting a funny side-by-side “bump” photo with Joanna.

Once Chip and Joanna announced that they were expecting, fans automatically assumed they ended Fixer Upper so they could have another baby. But as Joanna revealed in an interview with People, that wasn’t the case.

Joanna described the moment she learned that she was pregnant, saying the news came as a “total surprise” to her and Chip:

I had been feeling a little emotional and crazy and thought, ‘Wow, this isn’t me.’ Then all of a sudden I realized, ‘Hey, I remember this.’ When I saw the results of the test, my jaw dropped. Chip was in the driveway about to leave when I called him back and said, ‘We’re pregnant!’ He was so excited. We’re both just so excited.

While Joanna said they didn’t end Fixer Upper so they could have another baby, the timing ended up being right.

When we were done, we had no plan like, ‘Let’s have baby No. 5,'” she said. “It was a total surprise. But when we found out, it solidified that it was the right decision to leave when we did.”

The couple welcomed their fifth child, a baby boy they named Crew, on June 23. Joanna has already shared a bunch of adorable pictures of her new bundle of joy, including this one of him resting on Chip’s lap.

Now that Fixer Upper is over, Chip and Joanna have a lot more time to spend with baby Crew and their four oldest kids. Learn more about their family by watching the clip below.

We can’t wait to see more photos of Crew! How about y’all?