Katelyn Brown Says She Liked ‘Kingston’ For A Boy, Which Is Why Baby Girl Is Named ‘Kingsley’

Kane Brown / Instagram

During an August baby shower hosted by their good friends Jason and Brittany Aldean, Kane and Katelyn Brown finally revealed what they plan to name their baby girl. Their new bundle of joy arrived just a few months later (on October 29), so the baby shower was the perfect time to share her name.

The couple had their daughter’s name written on one of the big, purple balloons decorating their baby shower. Kane and Katelyn posted the same photo from the shower, and each expressed their excitement to share their daughter’s name.

Officially announcing our baby’s name!” Kane wrote in the caption to his photo. “KINGSLEY can’t wait for u to be here!!!


Since Kane and Katelyn both have names that start with a “K,” many fans figured they’d also pick a “K” name for their daughter. But we bet no one ever thought of a name as unique as Kingsley for the Browns’ little girl!

A few days after the baby shower, Katelyn was doing a Q&A session on her Instagram. As you would expect, most of the questions were about her pregnancy, and one fan asked how she and Kane chose Kingsley as their daughter’s name.

Katelyn responded by saying that the name Kingsley was actually inspired by a name she had picked out for a baby boy!

She said she originally felt like she and Kane were having a son, and loved the name “Kingston” if that was the case. But then we she found out she was having a girl, she decided to tweak that name to make it more feminine, but still “strong.”

I still wanted to use something similar and thought [Kingsley] was beautiful,” she said.

Katelyn Brown / Instagram

During her Q&A, Katelyn also shared another detail about Kingsley…her middle name!

Katelyn said that Kingsley’s middle name would be “Rose,” which is a family name on Katelyn’s side. She shared that her own middle name is Rose, and that she was given that name in honor of her great-grandma.

Katelyn Brown / Instagram

Kingsley Rose has such a beautiful ring to it!

The sweet baby girl arrived not long after her parents celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Tune in to Kane’s music video for “Good as You” below to watch footage from that special day in their lives.