AGT Contestant Chris Kläfford Belts Chris Stapleton’s ‘Either Way’

Chris Kläfford / YouTube

Chris Kläfford was already a talent show star when he stepped on stage to audition for America’s Got Talent. He previously won Season 13 of the Swedish form of Idol, which aired in 2017.

When it came time to audition for AGT, he chose a classic song that has been beloved for years…John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Viewers were enchanted by his performance, which has since generated over 24 million views on the official AGT YouTube channel.

Even though Kläfford auditioned with a Lennon song, people instantly began comparing him to another singer. Just take a look at him and tell us who he reminds you of.

If you thought he looks a lot like Chris Stapleton, then you are in the majority! As soon as AGT viewers were introduced to Kläfford, they started drawing comparisons between him and the country superstar.

These comparisons turn out to be well-founded, since Kläfford actually has performed Stapleton’s songs in the past, just not on AGT.

If you visit Kläfford’s official YouTube channel, you can see he’s covered Stapleton not once, but twice. A studio cover of Stapleton’s “What Are You Listening To?” has over 100,000 views, while an acoustic cover of Stapleton’s “Either Way” has nearly 500,000 views. The latter video is the third most-viewed clip on Kläfford’s YouTube channel.

And it’s the latter video that we have to share with you today. Even though Kläfford looks exactly like Stapleton, his voice sounds nothing like his. But he can belt just like Stapleton does, which is a requirement for a song as powerful as “Either Way.”

Rather than go on and describe Kläfford’s rendition of Stapleton’s track, we’re going to let you hear it yourself. Check it out in the clip below.

What makes the popularity of this video all the more remarkable is the fact that it was published months before Kläfford appeared on AGT for the first time. Now that he’s a television star, we’re sure his music and his videos will be enjoyed by many more people.