Katelyn Brown Tries To Get “Good” Family Photo With Kane & Kingsley, Posts What She Got Instead

Katelyn Rose Brown / Instagram

Parents out there know how much of a hassle it is to get a “perfect” family photo. Kids have minds of their own, and don’t always want to sit still or look at the camera for a picture.

The younger the kid, the more difficult it is to get them to pose for a photo. This is something Kane Brown‘s wife, Katelyn, learned when she was trying to get some family pictures with their daughter, nine-month-old Kingsley.

The Browns were spending time in Kingsley’s nursery when Katelyn decided to get a few photos of the three of them. But her plans didn’t turn out as she hoped!

tried getting a good fam pic today, but this is how it turned out,” she captioned an Instagram slideshow containing two photos.

The first picture shows Kane resting on the floor while wrapping his arm around Kingsley. Katelyn sat behind the father-daughter duo and tried to pull off a cute pose for the picture by sticking out her tongue and flashing a peace sign.

But in a hilarious turn of events Katelyn surely wasn’t expecting, Kingsley reached out and tried to grab her tongue. The camera may not have captured the “good” picture Katelyn was looking for, but it certainly caught a funny one!

Photo #2 in the slideshow looks like it might be more in line with the types of photos Katelyn was hoping to get, since it shows Kingsley looking right at the camera!

See the slideshow of the Browns’ cute (and comical) family photos below.


After Kingsley was born in October 2019, Kane released a song he wrote for her called “For My Daughter.” You can listen to an audio clip of that song below.

We love Kane and Katelyn’s adorable little family!