Kevin Bacon To Attend The Final Prom at ‘Footloose’ High School

Kevin Bacon / Facebook

Celebrated actor Kevin Bacon will make prom particularly memorable for a special group of students this year.

Students at Payson High School in Utah launched a social media initiative last year using the hashtag #BacontoPayson to get the attention of Footloose star, Kevin Bacon. Their efforts included choreographed dance videos and movie recreations posted on various social media platforms as well as their own school production of Footloose: The Musical.

@paysonhighschool We’re back! Day 135 (technically) of trying to bring @Kevin Bacon ♬ original sound – Payson High

The school is planned to relocate at the end of this year and the old building, which served as the setting for many iconic Footloose movie moments, is set to be demolished. This means that this spring’s prom will be the last to ever be held within the walls.

The TODAY Show paid a visit to Payson High School under the guise that they wanted to highlight the #BacontoPayson campaign. Little did students know, the visit was much more significant.

Kevin Bacon surprises student at a school assembly

The student body gathered in the school’s gymnasium to “show off” for the TODAY Show, but were surprised when none other than Kevin Bacon appeared on the large projector screen. The actor was video conferenced in to greet the students. He tells them:

“The movie and Payson High School have been a big part of my life and I have been amazed at the work that all of you have been putting into this…”

As the students listen with anticipation, Bacon tells them, “I’m gonna come [to prom]” and chorus of cheers erupts from the bleachers.


Footloose was filmed at Payson High School 40 years ago

This year, the beloved film celebrates it’s 40th anniversary. The plot follows teenager Ren McCormack, played by Bacon, who fights to overturn the ban on dancing instituted by a local minister in his new small town.

In many ways, the mission of Ren McCormack parallels the plight of the Payson High Students and now, their hard work has paid off.

Watch the segment from the TODAY Show including Kevin Bacon’s virtual visit with student in the video below!