Kid Cries When Mom Pulls Up To School With His Dog Who Was Lost For 2.5 Weeks

Facebook / April Elizabeth Licata

Boy’s Dog Got Lost For 2.5 Weeks

A story posted to Facebook about a boy reuniting with his dog who’d been lost for over two weeks has warmed the hearts of thousands. Apparently the dog, a black pug named Piper, was let outside the house by the boy’s mother, April Licata, to go potty and when she called for the dog she never showed up.

Last night the love of Carters life ran away, his pug Piper, or she was picked up. I got distracted with the boys and…

Posted by April Elizabeth Licata on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Family Feared They’d Never See The Dog Again

The boy, Carter and his other brother were crushed that the dog went missing. For two and a half weeks they posted public cries for help in the local community to help them find the pug. They spoke with neighbors, news stations and community organizations in the area, but nothing.

The family had pretty much given up hope and figured they’d never find Piper again. That is until April got a call from the Genesee County Animal Shelter that a dog who looked like Piper was there. The boys were visiting their father for a couple of days so she drove to the shelter alone to see if it was her pug. With pure joy and excitement, it was. She finally found her son’s beloved dog.

April, of course, took Piper back home and decided not to call her son and tell him that she found the dog but instead pulled up with Piper in the front seat when she went to pick Carter up from school.

Tears Of Joy Reuniting With His Dog

It was a beautiful moment to behold. April waited for Carter to come outside and when he did Piper excitedly stared at him as he walked towards the vehicle. After realizing his favorite dog in the world was in the car he began to weep. Carter then opened the door and hugged his pug while she loved and licked all over him.

Momma April recorded the video and posted it to Facebook sharing the moment with the world.

April wrote in her post, “What a Christmas miracle for our family and thank you to everyone who helped bring Piper home.” 

Watch The Boy-Pug Reunion Video Below