U.S. Coast Guard Rescued Dog Swimming Out To Sea In Florida

U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Myers Beach / Facebook

Coast Guard Responds To The Distress Call

Florida’s U.S. Coast Guard stationed at Fort Myers Beach got a call from a family who lost their dog when it jumped into the ocean and began swimming out into the cold, rough sea.


Crew members who were already training on the water responded quickly when they received the call and were able to find the exhausted dog before it was too late. As they pulled up to the pup they recorded a video of the rescue.

The dog was paddling aimlessly away from the beach as the boat approached and two crew members got into position to pull it out of the water. Fortunately, the dog wasn’t aggressive and was happy to have some help.

They Saved The Dog & Reunited It With Its Family

So when the two Coast Guard men pulled the dog onto the boat and started petting it to let it know it was going to be okay, the dog shook off the water and happily join the crew.

One of the men in the video can be heard saying, “How are you doing, buddy? You’re the best person I’ve ever rescued.” 

They took the dog back to the family who was relieved to have him safely in their arms. U.S. Coast Guard took the liberty of posting the video to their Twitter page – you can watch this video below.