Kids Find Kangaroo On Roof & Call Fire Dept.

Paula Boon / Facebook

A group of kids was walking around their neighborhood in Queensland, Australia when they spotted a kangaroo sitting on top of a roof and called the authorities.

The only problem about that was, at first, the fire department who received the call thought the kids were playing a joke on them. However, after getting several calls from other adults in the same neighborhood, they realized it was actually a real situation.

No one was sure how the kangaroo got onto the home but somehow it managed to and seemed to be just fine chilling up there on its own and watching everyone from its position.

“We suspect he got a fright at some stage to end up on the roof,” Paula Boon, one of the bystanders and co-owner of Paws Hoofs and Claws, told The Dodo. “We do not know how long he had been up there. He didn’t seem too bothered. He just sat there watching everyone.”

Paula Boon / Facebook

Everyone on the ground seemed to be more concerned about the situation than the kangaroo but the main concern was that no one knew how long it had been up there.

Officials finally decided to help it get down in case it was legitimately under stress or dehydrated. or simply just unable to get down on its own. The fire department was able to coax the kangaroo down from the roof safely.

“Two fire brigade guys got up on the roof and slowly encouraged the ‘roo off the back of the unit, which wasn’t as high, and he eventually cooperated and hopped off,” Boon said. “He seemed to be OK, so we hope he went back to the hills.” 

Watch Footage Of The Incident Below