Kids Find WWII Bombshells Fishing With Magnet In Germany, Police Quarantine Area

photo credit: YouTube / Dutch WW2MagnetHunters

Kids Find WWII Shells & Ammunition Fishing With Magnet

According to a Facebook post the German police put out on November 17th (2019), three children who were fishing in a pond with heavy magnets near the village of Wölfis found World War II shells and ammunition.

After Kids Find Potential Bomb Shells They Call The Police

The kids pulled up multiple fragments of bullets but when they found larger shells that could potentially still be active bombs they did the right thing, they called the police.

The Police showed up and quarantined a large area surrounding the pond and brought in specialists to remove and deactivate all items that appeared to be dangerous. Fortunately, everything was too old, rusted and weathered to be a threat. Nobody was hurt in the process of clearing out the area.

People Find WWII Bombs In Germany All The Time

Even though WWII was nearly 75 years ago people are still finding bombs, ammunition and military equipment all the time in hidden places. Military experts say millions of bombs were dropped during air raids and about 10 percent of them did not explode.

In fact, just this past April someone found an 1100-pound bomb from WWII close to the European Central bank and Germany ordered 16,000 people to be evacuated from the area in order to defuse it.

And in June, construction workers found a 550-pound German bomb and a 110-pound American bomb in the same area about 30 miles away from the major German city, Frankfurt, and they had to evacuate 2,500 people. There’s actually a long list of stories like these and it appears Germany may have this problem for a long time.

Overall, we’re glad the kids and experts who handled the bombshells and ammunition were all right.

Below Is A Video Of Germans Fishing WWII Items Out Of Another Pond