Tom Hanks Discovers He’s Related To Mr. Rogers

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The man famous for his PBS television show that was a big part of millions of folks’ childhood is being honored with a biographical movie that will detail the story of his life.

This man, as you already know, is Mr. Fred Rogers. And the movie is called A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. The starring actor portraying Rogers is none other than award-winning movie star, Tom Hanks.

In a surprise twist as Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, were walking down the red carpet at a recent event, one reporter surprised them with a super-interesting fact about Hanks’ lineage!

Access Hollywood exclusively revealed to Hanks and Wilson that they had partnered with to trace Hanks’ lineage and see where it went! To everyone’s surprise, it showed a previously-unknown link to Mr. Fred Rogers himself!

When Access Hollywood revealed this – the look on Rita Wilson’s face was utter and complete shock, while Hanks stood there with a stoic expression as he, too, downloaded the info he’d just been given.

Check out the full video below and look at exactly how closely they were related in this clip.