Lauren Alaina Mourns Grandmother’s Death

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Lauren Alaina’s Grandmother Passed Away

Country singer and American Idol alum Lauren Alaina took to social media to share the sad news of her grandmother’s death.

Lauren first spoke about her loss in an Instagram post she shared on May 5 after taking a short hiatus from being online. She noted how she “needed a little break” from social media due to “a loss in the family.


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Then, in a post she shared on May 7, Lauren revealed that the loss she experienced was the death of her grandmother, Tootsie.

A little over five years ago, Lauren mourned another huge loss in her family. Her stepdad, Sam, died on October 21, 2018, following a battle with cancer.

Lauren Alaina with her mom and stepdad. He died in 2018.
Lauren Alaina with her stepdad, Sam, and mother, Kristy. Photo Credit: Lauren Alaina / Instagram

The singer shared the news of her grandma Tootise’s recent passing alongside a video of her receiving a sweet gift from a young fan at one of her shows. The little girl, named Darci, made Lauren a bracelet with Tootsie’s name on it.

My grandmother passed away last week & this precious fan of mine (Darci) gave me a bracelet with her name on it during my show,” Lauren wrote on top of the video.

Lauren Alaina receives a sweet gift from a young fan after her grandmother's death
A young fan named Darci gives Lauren Alaina a bracelet in tribute to Laruren’s grandmother, Tootsie, who recently passed away. Photo Credit: Lauren Alaina / Instagram

Lauren Shares How Touched She Was By The Tribute To Her Grandma

Lauren was incredibly touched by Darci’s tribute to her grandma. As the video continued, new text overlayed on the clip read:

I kept looking down at my wrist for the rest of the show & I could feel her with me. I love you and miss you forever, Tootsie.”

The Grand Ole Opry member shared more in the video’s caption, writing:

Sweet grandmother Tootsie would absolutely love the bracelet this angel on earth brought me. God bless little girls who love country music. Thank you Darci for this gift & thank you Jesus for making us all one big family.

Fans Show Their Support For Lauren Alaina After Her Grandmother’s Death

Lauren’s followers shared lots of supportive messages in her post’s comments section. They wrote:

“So very sorry for your loss. You have the kindest most loving fans.”

“My grandmother passed away in 2022 she was 96, sorry for your loss.”

“So sorry for your loss. sending love and prayers.”

“So sorry for your loss. Our country music family is amazing!”

“So sorry to hear that about Tootsie. I know you miss her. Tootsie was a very lucky grandmother to have known you and be around you.”

“So sorry for your loss Lauren. What a special Guardian Angel she will be to you.”

Carolyn Dolores “Tootsie” Kuritz was Lauren’s maternal grandmother. According to her obituary, she died on April 29 at the age of 76.

Lauren Alaina with her grandma Tootsie
Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory

See Lauren’s post below. Our prayers go out to her and her family as they mourn the loss of their beloved Tootsie.