LeAnn Rimes Raps Salt-N-Pepa Song During 2016 Radio Interview

Magic Radio YouTube Channel

LeAnn Rimes is one of few artists who has successfully been able to cross over from country to pop and back again. At almost 34 years old, Rimes has already put two decades worth of work into the music business, and still remains the youngest person to have ever won a Grammy Award.

Now, she’s preparing to release a new studio album, called Remnants, which will be her 16th. The album’s first single “The Story,” has already been released in the UK, and Rimes debuted its official music video on August 9.

Rimes sat down for a radio interview with Magic in the Morning’s Nick Snaith to talk about the new album, sharing that it contains a song she wrote for her mother for Mother’s Day. She also reflected on her life and career so far, which prompted Snaith to ask her if there’s anything else she’d like to do in her career that she hasn’t done yet. Rimes’ answer may surprise you…

A rap album,” she said with a straight face, before cracking a smile. “No I’m just kidding! Who knows!

Snaith was in full support, after all, Rimes has been able to cross genres before, so why couldn’t she do a rap album? She seemed to be considering it a bit more seriously by the end of the interview, saying, “I could. Don’t ever count it out for me. I could try.

Then suddenly, Rimes proved her point by busting out into a little bit of Salt-N-Pepa, and it was actually quite impressive! Maybe she does have a rap career in her future after all.

Tune in below to watch Rimes show off her rapping skills and bust a move. Do you think she’d make a good rapper?