Lego Chris Stapleton Rides Bald Eagle & Slays Dragon In “Second One To Know” Video

YouTube / Chris Stapleton

The gravelly-voiced country star and his wife Morgane were re-imagined into classic Lego characters for a music video unlike many you’ve probably seen recently!

For Chris Stapleton’s newest video release for his song “Second One To Know” from the Grammy-winning album From A Room: Volume 1, he becomes a guitar-wielding plastic piece who has to fight off ninjas, a fire-breathing dragon, and rides around on a massive bald eagle.

A truly unique storyline, this video brings back a strong dose of childhood nostalgia for anyone who played with Legos as a kid – and according to Stapleton, it was a really fun way to make a video.

“We had a lot of fun doing it, but it took maybe two years to get through all the approvals, and then a whole year on top to work on it,” he told Rolling Stone. “So it’s been a long road, but in the end I think it’s something really unique. Certainly there’s never been an officially licensed Lego video before, and that’s kinda fun.”

In the video, it opens at a Chris Stapleton concert just as he’s about to slam the guitar with one last heavy riff before darting off stage right – and a biker gang of ninjas shows up. They proceed to get into a fight with a rowdy fan who was booted out.

The situation advances quickly…and somehow Chris Stapleton ends up whistling to call his trusty bald eagle, hops on its back, and flies off to fight a big old dragon.

Things continue to get wild and wacky in this fun loving video and the rest of it you’re just gonna have to see for yourself!

Check out Chris Stapleton’s “Second One To Know” video collaboration with Lego below – and make sure to tell us your favorite part in the comments!