Little Big Town Surprises Audience With Legendary ‘Bucket List’ Collaboration

John Shearer/Getty Images

At a recent tour stop, Grammy Award-winning country group Little Big Town surprised their fans with an iconic collaboration that will leave country and R&B fans in a tizzy.

Legendary R&B/soul singer Gladys Knight joined the quartet for a song that is extremely recognizable in their respective genres. They performed Knight’s hit song “Help Me Make It Through The Night,” which was originally written and recorded by country legend Kris Kristofferson in 1970. Knight’s version was released in 1972 and reached the Top 15 on the Hot Soul Singles chart.

Little Big Town sounded like an angelic gospel choir with their spine-tingling harmonies, while Knight took the lead, showing off the vocal stylings that made her a legend.

The CMA-nominated country group shared their excitement on Facebook, saying “What just happened??? Gladys, you’re a joy and your voice and your heart are a blessing to us all. #bucketlist‬.

We can’t get enough of this collaboration, and neither could the fans! You can see them give all the singers a resounding round of applause and standing ovation after they sang the final note.

Watch the iconic performance below.