Luke Bryan Crashes Georgia Wedding & Gives Newlyweds Surprise Of A Lifetime

American Idol / Facebook

Imagine this…you just got married, and you’re at your reception dancing with your friends to one of your favorite country songs by one of your favorite artists. Suddenly, the door to the reception hall opens to reveal that exact artist, who has arrived to crash your wedding and give you and your guests a night you will never forget.

Sounds like something that could only happen in a dream, right? One Georgia couple got the chance to live that dream when a country superstar stopped by to crash their wedding reception.

Luke Bryan is currently hard at work judging auditions for the upcoming American Idol reboot. When the “Light It Up” singer finally found some time off in Savannah, Georgia, he used it to his full advantage.

Luke caught word that two of his fans were celebrating their wedding just a couple of minutes away from where he had been filming auditions. With the American Idol camera crew and a bottle of champagne in tow, Luke walked down to where the newlyweds were throwing their reception.

Conveniently, the DJ began playing Luke’s “Crash My Party” as soon as he showed up outside the door of the reception hall. The wedding guests had no idea that a major surprise was waiting for them on the other side of that door!

Wish a flourish, Luke burst through the door, his hands raised high in the air. It didn’t take long at all for the guests to spot him, and they erupted into a round of surprised cheers and screams.

The bride and groom, McKenna and Austin, were especially surprised. The two rushed over to Luke, in absolute shock that one of their favorite country singers was standing right there in front of them.

After giving the happy couple some congratulatory hugs, Luke grabbed a mic and spoke to the guests before popping the bottle of champagne. Following a toast, Luke joined all of the guests in a dance to another one of his hit songs, “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).” We’re sure the wedding guests were still in awe over the fact that they were partying it up with Luke!

Tune in below to catch the video of Luke’s epic surprise. He helped make McKenna and Austin’s special day even more special!