Little Big Town’s Brand-New Video For Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ Is A Sight For All To See

LittleBigTownVEVO / YouTube

Little Big Town Debuts Video For Popular Elton John Cover

Once it was announced that Elton John is ready for retirement, plans were put in place to honor his monumental career. In addition to announcing a years-long farewell tour, it was revealed that a couple of tribute albums would be released in John’s honor.

One of those albums, titled Restoration, is comprised entirely of country covers of some of John’s biggest hits. The artists involved in the project include legendary figures such as Willie Nelson, and more modern stars such as Chris Stapleton.

Little Big Town was given the first spot on Restoration‘s tracklist with their reimagined version of “Rocket Man.” Thanks to a high-profile performance from the group at the 2018 ACM Awards, the new “Rocket Man” is probably one of the most well-known covers from Restoration.

The New Video Is Out Of This World

Since their version of “Rocket Man” has generated so much attention, Little Big Town decided to put together a proper music video for it. The brand-new clip debuted on Monday (May 29), and immediately earned praise from viewers.

A large portion of the video follows a space-enthused little girl, who takes off on her bike under the cover of the night sky. She draws the attention of a couple walking down a city street, who follow her to her destination.

Mysteriously, the little girl disappears in a beam of light, and a gigantic cube appears in her place. This cube begins projecting videos of Little Big Town and John on all of its sides, connecting the two in one mesmerizing display.

A Sight For The Eyes

In addition to all of that, a portion of the video also focuses on the members of Little Big Town. The group stands in a darkened, smoky room, where you can almost feel their harmonies filling up the space around them.

Each member was decked out in John or space-inspired garb. The ladies sported some sparkly ensembles, while the men wore vibrant jackets with fun prints.

To sum it up, every little detail in this video is a sight for the eyes to see. You are sure to be enchanted by the entire display.

Go ahead and prepare to be dazzled by Little Big Town’s video for “Rocket Man” below.